Norwegian: norsk_flagg

Hello - and welcome to my radiopages.

My name is Ketil Nereng Olsen - callsign given by NKOM (agency of the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Norway) is LB8OH. I was at the age of 57 before I got my callsign, but has been into 11meter a lot of years. I have used radioes in most of my jobs. I have been working as a fisherman, been into helicoptertrafic offshore to oil related rigs and vessels many years and also had other jobs where radio was a part of my uniform.

The first time I experienced seeing an amateur tranceiver was when I was 13-14 years old. It was so exciting listening to the amateur who was talking to other stations far away. He became my hero, and if I remember correct he almost had to kick me out from his house that evening. A dream about doing that strange things was created. I remember the bragging wall with QSL-cards from countries I had never heard about. He was also using morse, and that impressed me so much. It took me 45 years from that evening untill I got my legal callsign. It has been a life with work, family and other priorities than my own hobbies. Now I thought that it was "now or never", and I wanted to give it a try to get my license. I thought that I was calm, but the intense happiness I felt when I was driving home the evening with a little note in my wallet was strong.

I still have that priority: Having a social life with my wife and family first. Then I have to do necessary things. Then I can get into my own bowl with hobbies. I have racing pigeons, a big garden pond with koi fish - two dogs and my combined shack and computerroom! I like to create pages (like this) and playing with pictures and sounds has killed a lot of time during the last 25 years. I have a lot of webpages and also a lot of parked and unused domenes available. Getting the CQDX-name was a scoop I think.

After working in areas with a lot of noise many years I have got a strong tinnitus. On "silent" days I can listen and talk on tha bands, but often I digimodes suits me best. I can camouflage my intern sounds with music while working new stations. Very many of my QSO´s has been on FTB, but I am also running JT65 and PSK31.

I upload my logs to hrdlog, eqsl, qrz and LoTW. And I also have backups saved other places.

Operator and webdesigner: