I live in the western part of Norway, in a fantastic nature with high mountains and deep fjords. The nice nature can make some problems getting the signals around the world. Around my QTH I have mountains 400 meters higher than my antennas in all directions. So my signals have only way out from here —> up!

Main QTH is between Bergen and Voss. My house is placed in the right side of this picture.


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Alternative QTH´s are my cabins:
1. 1000 meters above sea level. It is our family cabin built in the sixties. Name is Ketilbu.
2. Trailer Home places on Myksvoll

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Last QTH is mobile. I will try to put on the correct grid when sending qsl-cards after a qso from my mobile station.

My current QSL-cards:


From the good old days on 11 meter I was a proud member of a few DX-groups. I got invites from many groups, but I was faithful to this two groups:

20tp03 hi